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  Career Ideas for Seniors

Career Options For Seniors and Retirees

Many new retirees, those soon to be retired and other senior citizens want to stay productive and are searching for ways to make use of their new found free time. For most of them, this means considering new employment options or new avenues wherein they can contribute their talent and skills backed up by years of solid work experiences. Fortunately for them there are many career options as well as other income opportunities are available to them. Opportunities and career options for seniors nowadays are increasing to cater the rising number of people in this demographic. The number of retirees and seniors has increased over the years and many considering a new career path feel it would be both exciting and fulfilling.       

Some retirees and seniors who have decided to take a new career opportunity are not doing so because of monetary gain but to gain fulfillment and new sets of challenges. It has been shown that remaining active mentally as well physically helps people to stay healthier than a total sedimentary life.  This is very good for businesses because the addition of retirees and seniors to the work force brings many prospective employees with solid career backgrounds, professionalism and strong work ethics.  For that reason, new career options for seniors are growing.

Other seniors find it hard to live on a fixed retirement income.  They find it necessary to re-enter the workforce to supplement this income.  Many also enjoy staying active and contributing their years of work and life experience to society.

Seniors and retirees should define their passion as to what direction to take in order to be fulfilled and happy with their new career choice.

Career options to consider...

  Continue working with your previous company as a part time worker at a more relaxed pace with lesser responsibilities. A retiree could ask their company for other job opportunities. Working in a familiar setting could be less stressful because they already know about how the company operates and they may even know other employees.

  Volunteering is also great for retirees and seniors. This opportunity could bring a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness. Seniors could consider volunteering for projects or organizations that they feel passionate about. Having the passion and drive for the organization can make the time even more rewarding.  Many organizations will treasure the seniors talents, skills and experiences.

  Start a small business. Seniors and retirees may have had an idea for a business but previously had no time to dive into it because of their busy career schedule. Retirement could be the perfect time to plan a feasible business opportunity wherein they can find enjoyment and gain extra income as well. Seniors and retirees could tap their entrepreneurial instincts to come up with the best business idea.

  Study and learn new things. A senior or retiree could take this opportunity to learn new things and skills that they are interested in. Many seniors have been craving to learn new things but were tied up with their careers. This is a great career option to venture into for learning or studying new things could stimulate the mind and cultivate creativity.

  Travel and see what the world has to offer. Travelling is a great way to explore new things. Travelling to places of interest to them will be pleasurable, relaxing and can even be educational.

  Working online is great for seniors and retirees. This part time career option for retirees can be perfect because they can manage their own schedule and have more time for other activities during the day. They have the power to decide how large or small their workload would be which gives them control of their time and income.

Jobs or careers for seniors are not limited to only a few opportunities. Some companies recognized the importance and potential of the retirees and seniors in the workforce. That is why the creation of career options for retirees has grown.

Here are some suggested job positions mature workers may want to consider:

  Teacher assistant



  Floral assistant

  Veterinary assistant

  Local tour guide

  Museum guide

  Home care assistant

  Security screener

  Retail Store Greeter

These are just a few job opportunities that may appeal to seniors and retirees. Seniors and retirees should carefully examine the responsibilities for their new career. They should take into consideration the pros and cons of the specific job and determine which one is most suitable for them. The new career could compliment their current skills or expand their experience with new types of tasks.

Many seniors and retirees are considering the option of working in their retirement years and consider this as a new stage in their career progression. Although some of them are considering newer career options in their retirement for the benefit of monetary gain, some simply want to work for productivity and to combat boredom. Their many years of being in the active workforce already makes them accustomed to working regularly, so remaining in the work force is just a natural transition.

Life is indeed a continuous process of learning. Some seniors want to enjoy their lives to the fullest by exploring new things and new career options. Having another great opportunity such as working on a new career option or being creative in those golden years can make life even more fulfilling. Age should not be a deterrent in pursuing new goals and accomplishments that will truly bring contentment and inner happiness.




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Ideas for Seniors

1. AARP has a job placement service for Seniors.

2. Many Churches have a community board or news bulletin where Seniors can promote their skills and talents and find part-time jobs within their church homes.

3. Try attending various networking groups and look for professionals that need help with various time leveraging tasks.

4. If you are good on the computer you may be a perfect fit as a virtual assistant.

5. If you enjoy children, consider working as a part-time nanny.  

6. Think out of the box and be open to all posibilities!










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